Untreated hearing loss increases your risk of dementia by 200-500%. 35% of all dementia cases are considered preventable, and the #1 most modifiable factor is HEARING LOSS!


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Don't miss a minute of your life because of a hearing loss. Treasure Valley Hearing specializes in the medical treatment of hearing loss, creating individualized and customized treatment plans that will help you live your life to the fullest.

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At Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance, you'll experience a relaxed atmosphere as we assess your hearing. After your hearing evaluation, we will discuss the results with you and then together, we will discuss next steps.

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Since 1990, Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance has treated nearly 10,000 patients. But we do more than just treat hearing loss. At our hearing clinic, we focus on overall well-being. We believe that hearing care is health care, and hearing loss shouldn't go untreated. Did you know that treating hearing loss has been proven to keep your brain from experiencing increased cognitive decline? Untreated hearing loss can lead to serious health issues. We're not only concerned with how well you hear-we'll determine if hearing loss is affecting other parts of your body or mind. Our goal is to prevent this from happening.

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Jacquie Elcox and Lindsay Meloy of the Alzheimer's Association, Greater Idaho Chapter, spoke on hearing loss and dementia on the Senior Matters radio show.