What To Expect During the Life of Your Technology

Congratulations! Now that you have passed your 75-day trial, you will continue to obtain better hearing. Here’s how you can ensure you’ve chosen the right team to help you hear better now and in the years ahead.image (002)

Does your provider measure value by price alone? Our practice believes value is measured by how well we use our knowledge and experience to create a customized solution that meets your hearing expectations and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Hearing technology is only as good as the provider that applies the technology to you. This requires considerable training and experience. Great technology is just the beginning for us. We are more focused on understanding your lifestyle, your personal hearing needs, and your hearing goals so we can design a treatment plan that complements the way you want to hear. We utilize an ongoing education process that ensures we are experts at understanding your better-hearing goals, your diagnosis, and your listening lifestyle, as well as how to provide support for each piece.

What does this look like in your daily life? It looks like hearing sounds you didn’t know you were missing, connecting with loved ones, and engaging in the things you love.

The first three years are all about protection. Does your provider offer these essential points?

Preserving your hearing wellness:
 Warranty checkpoint
 Complimentary clean and checks
 Complimentary reprogramming
 Complimentary batteries
 Loss and damage insurance

Four years and beyond are all about validation. Does your provider offer these essential points?

Ensuring your current needs are met:
 Technology validation process
 Treatment solution options

At Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance, we give everyone we care for a platform on which they can stand tall while navigating their hearing care. When you come to us you’re not only our patient — you’re our family. Whether you want to start a conversation about better hearing or have questions about your current hearing devices, our doors are always open.

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