Upgrading Your Hearing Technology

Upgrading your technology is a similar process to when you first chose better hearing, but there are differences to keep in mind when taking this important step, as it will make all the difference now and in the future.


Why and When Do I Need New Technology?

Here are a few key factors to consider when upgrading your technology:

  • Even with excellent hearing care, hearing can decrease over time.
  • The cost of repairing aging technology is rising.
  • Your lifestyle continues to change as you re-engage with loved ones and with your favorite activities.
  • Technology is always evolving to better enhance how you live your life.
  • Maintaining your hearing health is important in retaining utmost cognition and reducing the risk of the onset of dementia by 200-500%.


Whether you’re reconnecting with family and friends, frequenting your favorite restaurants again, or diving into the activities you enjoy most, your lifestyle has probably changed through better hearing. With this enhancement comes a need to re-evaluate the effectiveness of your technology, as your hearing has likely changed over time, too.


Exclusive Access to New Technology

Treasure Valley Hearing has access to all of the primary manufacturers in the hearing care space.  Working with such elite and successful companies gives us the opportunity to offer you the most variety in fit, lifestyle, and financial needs when it comes to your technology. Our goal is to offer you various features that pair perfectly with your ever-changing lifestyle and make better hearing even more enjoyable.


The Right Hearing Aid for the Job

It is our team’s priority to educate our community and our patients on the latest, most effective technology for their particular type of hearing loss and listening needs. Think about this: Alone, your hearing aids are just hearing aids. In the hands of a hearing care professional however, they’re the key to a better way of life. When you consider that two-thirds of hearing aids are fit incorrectly within the hearing care industry, where you purchase your hearing aids is as important, if not more important than the technology itself.  Hearing care is health care, and we will advise you as to the health benefits of maintaining your hearing care.  To us, it is not about a widget you put in your ears, it is about leading a full life and maintaining your overall health.


Your relationship with us continues well beyond the initial fitting of your devices — from scheduling ongoing practice visits and fine-tuning your hearing aids to conducting routine cleanings and reprogramming your technology for new listening situations. We are united in our efforts to provide a comprehensive treatment process along with results that meet your individual needs.


If your technology’s warranty is expiring soon, come in to see if we can take care of any little fixes— for free. When you visit, we’ll quickly test your technology to make sure it’s still providing the benefits you’ve come to expect. If your technology is still meeting your needs, we can discuss our Warranty Plus program to give you the continued peace of mind you’ve come to rely on.


Warranty Plus Program protects your investment for an additional one or two years and includes:

  • All repair warranty program
  • Discounted batteries
  • Complimentary annual cleaning and checkup for your hearing system
  • Complimentary in-warranty reprogramming and recalibration of your system
  • Complimentary annual technology performance verification


Financial Security

Some insurance companies have a benefit toward the purchase of your hearing aid. Treasure Valley Hearing will assist you in determining your benefit, and in many cases we will directly bill your insurance for payment. We participate with most insurance providers that offer assistance toward payment of your hearing aids, making them very affordable.


Payment Programs

With payment options such as zero interest for 18 months*, payments as low as $100 a month (depends on the technology level chosen) we have made hearing your best affordable for everyone!


Next Steps

When you visit us, we’ll check to make sure the technology you’re wearing now is still tailored to fit both your hearing and your lifestyle goals. During your appointment, we will discuss treatment solutions with you and your companion, and we’ll explore the hearing technology most appropriate for your hearing difficulty, listening lifestyle, budget, and cosmetic preferences.


Our team of hearing care specialists and the rest of our staff are committed to helping you obtain your better-hearing goals. With the latest technology and diverse options to fit your lifestyle, we can customize a solution that improves your hearing and your life.

To schedule your appointment, please call 208.519.4552. For more about who we are and how we help you navigate your care, click here.