Myths & Facts About Hearing Loss / Hearing Aids

Do you believe that something’s wrong with your hearing? If so, what’s stopping you from getting the professional help you need? At Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance, we find in many cases, people don’t take action because of the misconceived notions they have about hearing loss and hearing aids. Well, did you know that many of these notions are actually myths?

The following are 10 of the most common misconceptions about hearing loss and hearing aids:

MYTH: My Doctor would have told me if I suffered from hearing loss during a check-up.

FACT: Unfortunately, this is false. Hearing loss can be caused by a number of things and general physicians may not be looking for the signs. This is why if you believe you have symptoms of hearing loss you should seek out the help of a certified hearing care professional such as an audiologist who is trained to diagnose and treat hearing loss.

MYTH: I am way too young to have a hearing loss.

FACT: Hearing loss affects people of all ages. This includes an estimated 26 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 69 who have high-frequency hearing loss due to exposure to noise.

MYTH: My hearing loss can not be treated.

FACT: Nearly 95% of people with high-frequency hearing loss (which is the most common type) can be helped with hearing aids and improve one’s quality of life.

MYTH: I’m not worried; my hearing loss isn’t that bad.

FACT: Even a mild hearing loss can lead to exhaustion and frustration, and not to mention, untreated hearing loss has been linked to withdrawal, depression, anxiety, and other health disorders.

MYTH: I can get by just fine and live with my hearing loss.

FACT: As mentioned above, numerous studies have linked untreated hearing loss to social isolation, an increased risk for depression, and other health problems.

MYTH: I am very self-conscious, and hearing aids would be way too noticeable.

FACT: Actually, hearing aids today are smaller and more discreet than ever. Chances are, other people won’t know you’re wearing them. Secondly, untreated hearing loss is often more obvious than a hearing aid especially if you are always asking others to repeat themselves or you respond inappropriately in conversations.

MYTH: Hearing aids will make some things sound too loud.

FACT: Modern digital hearing aids are so “smart,” they can boost the soft sounds you want to hear while suppressing less desirable sounds.

MYTH: I can get by with just one hearing aid.

FACT: Most people who have hearing loss in both ears will benefit significantly from “binaural” amplification (two hearing aids). Benefits include improved identification of sound sources, better hearing in noisy situations and more natural sound quality.

MYTH: I cannot afford hearing aids.

TRUTH: Just like almost any other product, there are a wide range of prices for hearing aids. At Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance, our staff of experienced hearing care professionals can help you find hearing aids within your budget. Not to mention, most hearing aid providers offer affordable financing options.

MYTH: It’s smart to buy a hearing aid on the Internet or by mail order.

FACT: While you may pay a low price, you won’t get the expert audiological services that are so critical to satisfaction with hearing aids. By working with certified hearing care professional such as an audiologist, you will receive accurate results from your comprehensive hearing assessment, a proper hearing aid selection and fitting, as well as follow-up care. When you add it all up, the care you receive from an audiologist is a much better value!

Still have questions? If you would like to consult with one of our hearing care professionals to learn more about available hearing aid features, contact us today and schedule an appointment at one of our convenient office locations.