Are Audiobooks Good for the Brain & Your Hearing?

With the prevalence of book clubs, commutes and workouts – there is an ever-increasing rise in the use of Audiobooks. What we are wondering is, are they good for your brain and your hearing?

Here’s what we found.

As far as your hearing goes, listening to audiobooks is the same as listening to anything else. As long as you keep the volume at a reasonable level and give your ears a rest now and then, there is no harm in listening to an audiobook.

But when it comes to brain function – it’s not only NOT harmful, it’s actually very helpful!

It’s a proven fact that listening to audiobooks helps children develop better listening skills, longer attention spans and increases their capacity to focus.

The truth is, though, that it works no matter what age you are.

Wearing hearing aids while listening to an audiobook is an excellent way to work on listening at your own pace.

Audiobooks allow you to multitask.

Now, we are not suggesting that you listen to an audiobook while you do something that requires extreme focus – like brain surgery – but when you are driving, or going for a brisk stroll, why not fill the time with a story or book that might change the way you look at life?

Some people learn better by listening.

Many people are auditory learners – meaning they learn better when they hear than when they see. For this part of the population, hearing a book works better for them than reading it.

It’s easier to imagine when you are listening than when you are reading.

Whether you are deciphering words, or hearing and imagining a picture – your brain is working, so one isn’t necessarily better than the other as far as actual brain function goes. But when it comes to really experiencing a story, hearing it might actually be better.

A study done in the 80’s showed that your brain uses the same function to decipher words as it does to imagine a picture when hearing. This means that when the visual bits of our brain are busy taking in the written word, there’s less of them available for creating an image of the content.

Our point is – you might actually get a better experience from listening to a book than reading.

Back to our original question – Are Audiobooks good for the brain and/or your hearing?

The short answer is that as long as you keep the volume at an acceptable level, it certainly won’t harm your hearing. And as we saw, it can really help both brain function and listening skills. So if you prefer audiobooks, stick with them.

If you are experiencing signs that you might not be hearing those audiobooks as well as you used to, please come see us.

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