Baseline Hearing Test**

We believe that hearing care should be part of an overall wellness plan and that every adult should have a baseline hearing test at least once as part of an annual physical.

A baseline test is quick and completely painless. After we check your ears for wax or other foreign objects, you are placed in a sound booth and you will listen to a series of beeping tones. We will establish your baseline when you respond to the beeping tones consistently at the same level. These results will then become your baseline test, so that later, if you do suffer a hearing loss, you can compare your loss to your baseline and seek the appropriate treatment. Call us to schedule this important part of your overall wellness program and take the results with you, or keep them stored in our computer for comparison, later. Upon request, we are happy to forward your results to your GP for you.

Experience Hearing Assessments*

At Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance, you will experience a relaxed atmosphere as we assess your hearing. The entire visit often takes less time than getting your eyes checked. We will determine your degree of hearing loss, which type it is and identify areas of weakness and options for treatment.

We recommend that you bring a loved one to this appointment. Someone you spend a lot of time with and who knows you well. Not only do we ask for their perspective on your hearing, we will use your loved one's voice during the testing. Because we are giving you a great deal of information, it also helps to have that extra set of ears there so you don't miss anything!

We break the appointment into a four-part process:

The Assessment: Your appointment will start with an assessment and conversation that addresses your concerns and medical history. How you hear is as unique as a fingerprint. No two people hear the same and no two people are affected the same when they aren't hearing as well as they would like. What matters to us is how your hearing is affecting you and your loved ones.

We will likely ask you:

  • Where do you notice your hearing is challenged the most?
  • Are hearing challenges causing you problems in your work and/or at home?
  • Are you having difficulty hearing in the presence of background noise, and if so, describe the type of background noise and the situations that are challenging.
  • Are others being affected by your hearing challenges?
  • Do you want special solutions for your lifestyle? Are you especially active?
  • What are your concerns about hearing loss and wearing hearing aids?
  • What are your goals: Better communications at home? Less confusion at work? Hearing aids that connect seamlessly with the TV or cellphones?

The Inspection: Next, our hearing care professionals will inspect your ears. Using an otoscope or a video otoscope, we will check for earwax (known as cerumen) and for any foreign objects that might be blocking your ear canals, which may be causing a hearing loss. We will also look for damage to your eardrum(s), infection or other abnormalities. If necessary, we will refer you to a medical doctor.

The Evaluation: Next we will test your hearing utilizing several types of testing procedures including hearing in noise, identifying words and establishing how loud you need things to be, in order for you to hear them clearly.

And Finally, the Solution: Once we have collected all of this data, we will go over it with you and make a recommendation. This recommendation could be anything from a medical referral, to an annual assessment to seeking a hearing aid solution.

If we determine you need a hearing aid solution, we will consider:
  • What we find in the assessment
  • Your answers to questions about your hearing
  • The size and shape of your ear canals
  • Your lifestyle and activities
  • Your budget
  • What feels comfortable
  • Your goals and objectives for your hearing

Because your hearing is unique, so is your solution and we work closely with you to create a plan that you are comfortable with. Our goal is to be alongside you throughout your entire hearing loss journey.

Request a Complimentary Assessment*