Experience Stress-Free Hearing Assessments*

At Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance, you will experience a relaxed atmosphere as we assess your hearing. The entire visit often takes less time than getting your eyes checked, and is much less invasive than a visit to the dentist. We will determine your degree of hearing loss, which type it is and identify areas of weakness and options for treatment.

We recommend you bring a loved one to this appointment. You spend the most time with this person and therefore need to hear them well. We will have them speak to you in the test and we will determine how well you hear them. If you don't have a family member that can attend, bring a trusting friend with you.

The appointment will start with a conversation that addresses your concerns and medical history. Then our hearing care professionals will inspect your ears, check for earwax (known as cerumen) and for any foreign objects. These might be blocking your ear canals, which may lead to conductive hearing loss. We will also look for damage to your eardrum(s), infection or other abnormalities. If necessary, we will refer you to a medical doctor.

We will likely ask you:

  • Where do you notice your hearing is challenged the most?
  • Do you want special solutions for your lifestyle? Are you especially active?
  • What are your concerns about hearing loss and wearing hearing aids?
  • What are your goals: Better communications at home? Less confusion at work? Hearing aids that connect seamlessly with the TV or cellphones?

If we determine we need to advise you on hearing aid solutions, we will take into account:

  • What we find in the assessment
  • Your answers to questions about your hearing
  • The size and shape of your ear canals
  • Your lifestyle and activities
  • Your budget
  • What feels comfortable

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