Boise, Meridian, Nampa Hearing Specialists for Improving Hearing Clarity

Boise, Meridian, Nampa Hearing Specialists for Improving Hearing Clarity

Improve Your Hearing & Neural Cognition with Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance

The process of hearing involves your ear as a mechanism for getting sounds to the brain. But you will not recognize that sound until the brain processes it and tells you what you actually heard. Therefore, when we treat your hearing, we are also treating your brain's ability to process sounds again. When you meet with our Boise, Meridian or Nampa, ID, hearing specialists, they will provide cognitive rehabilitation to support your ability to hear clearly and fully comprehend the sound around you.

At Treasure Valley Hearing, we spend time getting to know you and all of the environments that are important to you. Then we get busy and create a treatment plan customized just for you. This is a value we offer you, our trusted patients, in every scenario in our office. Our relationship will last years as we continue to ensure your hearing instruments are cleaned and functioning properly several times each year.


Without the ability to hear fully and also recognize where sounds are coming from, you may have a tendency to lose balance. It is important we do everything we can for you to reduce your risk of falls, as, according to the CDC, falls are a leading cause of injury and death in older Americans. Our population falls once every second of every day. With NeuroTechnologyâ„¢, we will increase your ability to hear AND know where the sounds are coming from, due to their localization of sounds feature, enabling you to hear 360 degrees around you.

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