The Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance Difference

The Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance Difference

Since 1990, Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance has treated over 10,000 patients, bringing them back into the world of comfortable, pleasant sounds again. But not only that, we have restored many aspects of good health in these patients as well. Hearing care is health care, and hearing loss should not go untreated.

We are not only concerned with how well you hear but what your hearing loss may be doing to other parts of your body. As illustrated above, there are diseases and behaviors that can cause hearing loss, but there are also health issues that can be created from untreated hearing loss, and we want to ensure we take care of the latter as best we can. Cognitive decline plays a part in all those issues printed in red, and treated hearing loss has been proven to keep your brain from experiencing increased cognitive decline.

Don't just take our word for it. Read our customer reviews below and see why so many of our patients rate us highly for the elite professionals we are. You might also take the opportunity to download our white papers that give sources for many studies that have proven these basic health principles.

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