Experiencing Ringing in the Ears?  We Provide Tinnitus Treatment in Boise, Meridian & Nampa, ID

Experiencing Ringing in the Ears? We Provide Tinnitus Treatment in Boise, Meridian & Nampa, ID

Ringing in the Ears Can Be Annoying or Debilitating, and We Can Treat It. Don't let tinnitus get in your way of enjoying life!

How often do you hear ringing in your ears? Does it interfere with your daily activities? Is it bothersome, keeping you from concentrating or enjoying a normal way of life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we may be able to help in one of our clinics in Boise, Meridian or Nampa, ID.

Tinnitus can cause you to hear buzzing or ringing in your ears and is common with hearing loss. It can be one of the primary indicators of a hearing loss.

Our experienced professionals at Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance can recommend a solution for this problem so you can go on leading your life the way you remember before you had tinnitus. While there is no cure, we do have therapy options that may make it manageable.

Don't Let Tinnitus Get in Your Way of a Fulfilled Life.

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You may have seen many advertisements for tinnitus relief which typically involves the purchase of some product, but there is only ONE approach that is approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). The others remain unapproved because they simply do not work. In fact, some can be harmful. Treasure Valley Hearing & Balance uses tinnitus therapies that have been clinically proven to eliminate ringing in the ears, all while exercising your brain. Let our hearing specialists in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa discuss treatment options with you.

What Is Tinnitus?

The sounds you hear with tinnitus can range from a ringing or buzzing sound to a swooshing or pulsating sound. Greater than 50% of people with hearing loss experience this. For some it is very quiet, seldom and not that bothersome. For others, it can be debilitating.

What Causes Tinnitus?

Tinnitus goes hand-in-hand with hearing loss and is a result of the brain not getting proper stimulation from the ears. When the brain misses stimulation, it tries to make up for that loss by creating these sounds you may hear. This is similar to the experience amputees feel when they think they still feel their missing limb.

How Can You Treat Tinnitus?

Tinnitus can be managed through strategies that make it less bothersome. No single approach works for everyone, and there is no FDA-approved drug treatment, supplement, or herb proven to be any more effective than a placebo. Behavioral strategies and sound-generating devices often offer the best treatment results; this is partially why distracting the individual's attention from these sounds can prevent chronic manifestation. Some of the most effective methods that we perform are:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): Uses techniques to relax and restructure the way patients think about and respond to tinnitus. Sessions are usually short term and occur weekly for two to six months. CBT usually results in sounds that are less loud and significantly less bothersome, with overall quality of life improved.

Masking: Use of devices generating low-level white noise that can reduce the perceptions of tinnitus and what's known as residual inhibition. Tinnitus is less noticeable for a period of time after the masker is turned off. A radio, television, fan, or other sound-producing machine can also act as a masker.

Treatment options are vast and vary in effectiveness depending upon the type of tinnitus. While hearing aids act as an effective relief method for those with tinnitus by amplifying external sounds to make internal sounds less prevalent, they are not the only method. Careful diagnosis by a professional with years of experience creating solutions for tinnitus sufferers is essential. Any of our providers can assist with your tinnitus, and for severe cases, we will refer you to various providers in our clinic with the appropriate expertise. Patients generally report a reduction in their tinnitus, while others report the ringing disappears after treatment.

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