What To Expect at Your Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

A hearing aid fitting is necessary to make sure hearing aid devices are programmed to the optimum settings for the user’s specific hearing needs. Learn more about what to expect during your appointment.

What is a Hearing Aid Fitting?

A “hearing aid fitting” is when you are introduced to the hearing aid, and if there are no significant problems, the day you take the hearing aids home. The goal is to get the hearing aid adjusted appropriately and to get you comfortable with the controls, how to insert them, and how to maintain them.

Hearing Aid Adjustments

The hearing aids will be preprogrammed to your hearing loss, using the information obtained from your hearing assessment. Although it is preprogrammed, most patients require a small amount of fine tuning.

What To Expect

During your hearing aid fitting appointment, you and your hearing care professional will discuss the following:

  • Communication Strategies
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • The different hearing aid components
  • How and when to change your hearing aid programs
  • Tips & tricks for adjusting to the hearing aid
  • How to adjust the volume
  • Using the telephone with your hearing aids
  • How to clean and perform “at-home” maintenance to your hearing aid device(s)
  • And after it’s all said and done, your hearing care professional will answer any other questions you may have

What’s Next?

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled usually two weeks following the hearing aid fitting. Some patients only need a few follow-up appointments, others need more. Remember, hearing assessments should be completed annually and hearing aid checks approximately every 6 months to a year.

If you would like to speak with one of our experienced hearing care professionals to learn more, contact us today or schedule an appointment at one of our convenient office locations.